About Me - Binoy Uthup


I am Binoy. I shoot City, Architecture, Interior, Landscape, People, and Wildlife. I use techniques such as HDR, Digital Blending, Panorama to create unique looking images.

When I shoot city, architecture, interior and landscape, I usually capture multiple exposures of the same scene as correct as possible in my camera and blend them to achieve a better dynamic range of light. I try to reach the shooting location at least half an hour before to set up my camera on a sturdy tripod and wait for the best possible light to shoot. Usually, I shoot during the blue hour. Most of the time I shoot a lot of multiple exposures of the same scene and process them on Lightroom, Photomatix Pro and photoshop to get the result I want. I love creating natural looking HDRs, vertical and horizontal panoramas and long exposures. 

Wildlife is one of my other favorite subjects to photograph. I love watching wildlife for hours and shoot the amazing moments of it. I always admire nature and its incredible beauty and try to capture and create artistic looking images. 

After finishing Bachelor degree in Arts, I learned Audio Engineering for my passion for music and technology and started working as an Audio Engineer. But, Photography has been a  passion and the dream career for me from my childhood, and I have been learning more of photography along with my studies and career in the audio industry.

After moving to Singapore, I decided to take the challenge of moving my photography to the next level by starting to learn advanced techniques and styles to shoot and create better-looking images. My passion and love for photography continue growing as I work towards improving my knowledge and techniques and capture photographs each day. 

My work has been published in ONE EYELAND




and in many other photography magazines and web platforms.


Canon 5DSR, 5D mark III,

EF16-35mm F/4, EF 24-70mm F/2.8, EF 70-200mm F/2.8 IS II USM

Lee Filters

Manfrotto 055 Triopd, X Pro 3 way Head

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